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Phase 5 - INFINITY

Key Takeaways:

  • Inflation stops. Fixing ORB supply forever.
  • Game is run by the public, and the original developer only as advisors to the future direction of the game universe.
  • Lore is now completely public driven, but DAO can choose to keep Sphere lore writers employed if they wish.
  • DAO can decide to open-source the game or not, or migrate the entire game onto it's own blockchain (if there is such interest)
  • Adoption of new blockchain technologies.
  • Strategies for making the game continue forever are deployed.
  • Complete revamp of Sphere games or entirely new games may be needed at this point.

Trigger Criteria : When 3 years has expired.


If we get to this point, we want ETS to be the first game that "never dies" meaning even if the original developers switch off the server, it will go on.
Alternatively, if ETS is dead at this point, we the DAO do a gradually winding down for a graceful exit so all players have a good memory of The Sphere.
At this point Enter The Sphere is almost completely at the hands of the public.



Other Details: