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Key Takeaways:

  • Fixed Supply of 1 Billion ORB
  • Massive increase of NFT items available from loot.
  • Ends when Tower Ascension is released to public.
  • Metaships now can travel to partner universes (Expeditions) for idle mining of NFTs.
  • Certain NFTs can now move from other blockchain games onto ETS
  • Strategic Partnerships: ETS NFTs have utility in other blockchain games.
  • Early governance systems instated for SPHERE holders, but core developers still have final decision.
  • DuelZ and BattleHub is highly polished and runs as a native mobile app.
  • Regular Events.

Trigger Criteria : Raised target amount required to bring Enter The Sphere to release. Hunting Grounds has been released.


In Foundation, we envision multiple S-Games released like tap tap battle. Early foundation of the ETS universe and its lore. Expeditions operational for players to mine NFTs from prime universe and partner universes. Lots of game item loot, ability to craft special nfts from card fusions.
Basically, the foundation of the metaverse is being built out in this phase.


Players earn ORB and engage regularly from battlehub now...SPHERE token now has utility as a early voting token. NFT collection has expanded to at least 200 different game items by now.

Other Details: