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Phase 1 - GENESIS

The GENESIS allocation is a unique concept to Enter The Sphere (ETS)'s Token Allocation. It utilizes smartBCH as a genesis chain, which allows driving early adoption, token testing, airdrops and player feedback without impacting future tokenomics when ETS is released to the public on its primary chain.
Due to the origins of Enter The Sphere as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) project, we have crowdfunded twice using Kickstarter (where people received ORBs for funding our campaign).

What Triggers the Ends of the GENESIS phase?

Genesis Phase ends when ORB token is launched on it's Primary Chain to be decided via a IDO (Initial Dex Offering). At the time of writing only 1.3% of ORB allocation is in public SmartBCH hands, and the rest of the 3% will be reserved to reward early players for playing the game.
This ORB will be transferable to Primary Chain and back to SmartBCH once Phase 2 is reached.