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Enter The Sphere (ETS) is driven by a dual token system (ORB | SPHERE). ORB is the native in-game currency of the ETS metaverse, whilst SPHERE is the governance token.
SPHERE is the governance token with applications both for politics in-game and the larger direction of vision and gameplay balance for the whole ETS metaverse.
It is rewarded to players who stake ORB in various ETS instruments.
Using a dual-token system allows us to separate the currency that is used as a medium of exchange in the game, and a token used almost exclusively for governance.
Holders of SPHERE will be in a unique position of being able to influence the balance and vision of the game via the Vision Protectorate DAO and Metaverse Council DAO.
In-game they allow players to reap profit from Meta-Fold Points.
SPHERE tokens have voting rights and can influence the direction of the ETS universe over time, as well as submit new proposals to be voted on, as ETS moves to further tokenomic phases, they have more decision making powers and more avenues to gain profit from player activity.
There is a tradeoff that takes place to earn SPHERE tokens. To earn SPHERE tokens, ORB has to be staked in a ETS instrument, this means that ORB isn't able to be used for in-game activities.