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ORB Token

Enter The Sphere (ETS) whitepaper is still being worked on, and current iteration is subject to changes. ETS has not undergone an official token generation event (TGE), we plan to do this on Solana.


ORB is the native in-game currency of the Enter The Sphere Metaverse. ORB is available through the various phases of token issuance schedule, which is split into 5 phases over an estimated 5 years.
For a token to last long, it is important that economics are well balanced and fair incentives are offered to all different stakeholders. We believe it is in the interest of any project to have a decent sized portion of token ownership for the actual gamers eventually.


  • In Game Staking Matches (For All Games and Mini Games) between Players.
  • In-Game Rewards providing P2E incentives.
  • Movement of ORB (Solana) to ORB (SmartBCH) will be seamless.
  • Staking, Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming.
  • Fuel For Travel Between Universes for NFTs & Tokens. (Expeditions)
  • Staking for Mining Out of Print/Special NFTs (ORB Machine).
  • In-Game Currency for Special Trades and Upgrading Items, Metaship, Summons and Pets.
  • Renting NFTs Out.
  • Minting unique NFTs with Staking Ability.
  • Locking ORB with NFT Items to Upgrade Them.
  • NFT Melts Back Into ORB.
  • Currency for Crafting New NFT Items.

Token Allocation