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Collectible RPG Cards

Seasonal Edition Cards (Limited Supply)

We have choosen the card format because it has a collectible feel to it, an like any trading card game we have seasons, every season each NFT card is limited by a supply cap, and when that season is over that edition cards will never be printed again.
So for example, you can have a first edition of the Whitepaper card, but the second edition of the Whitepaper card will look different and have balanced mechanics and won be as rare as the first edition.
Over time first edition cards become rarer, and we don't rebalance first edition cards like a real trading card game. This allows us to create real digital scarcity.
However that is where our similarities with trading card games end. Enter The Sphere use these cards as "game items" in our universe, so whilst they can be played as normal cards in DuelZ, a equipment like Halberd can be equiped on your AVATAR to play in hunting grounds and boost your character stats in RPG style.
This combines the best of both worlds, we have beautifully represented NFT collectibles that replicate the economics of a collectible card game, but they function also like game items in a virtual item driven MMORPG world.

Advanced NFT Metadata Standard

Furthermore, our NFTs using NEAR PROTOCOL have various unique traits that make them special for future game features, such as Staking Rating for earning passive income, the seed allows us to use it for future NFT game mechanics. Each NFT has its own unique traits, even a common card with the right metadata can be useful.

Inter-Connected NFTs