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What's Different About Enter The Sphere?

Next Generation Gaming Concept

The major difference between Enter The Sphere (ETS) and other blockchain games is that we are building a true NFT metaverse where you can take your NFT character, equipment and vehicles across a multitude of games.
There is something for everyone, whether you are a casual player wth no time to kill, just want to make a few bucks, love MMORPGs where you dress your own character or you are a serious min max player. Enter The Sphere will have something for you.

Travel to Other Parallel Game Worlds

Beyond the Prime Universe in The Sphere, your AVATAR and Metaship can go beyond the main universe and visit anywhere from medieval fantasy worlds to a universe where memes have taken over. The Sphere universe also has extensive lore to make it a immersive experience for those who care about the mythology of the universe.
Did we mention you will hunt and earn NFT treasures as well?

Progressive Web App

Using cross-platform technology like babylon.js that allow native applications. The Sphere can be played anytime, anywhere on any device, whether that is phone, tablet or even your aging laptop! Our game runs through browser as well as Telegram and Discord bots, allowing a truly social experience that transcends conventional games.
DuelZ running on Mobile

Blockchain Mechanics

Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable database secured by base layer cryptographic protocol. This allows true ownership of your NFTs (Game Items) and cryptocurrency such as ORB and Sphere. Our adoption of the the Metaplex Standard on Solana and ERC-1155 also unlocks functionality with NFTs ahead of what is available in the current industry at time of writing.

MMORPG Mechanics

Create your own character, customize him or her, level your AVATAR up to gain new skills and feats. This character will become the representation of you across not just one game, but the entire metaverse, as you move from game to game you will be represented by your character dressed up with your own equipment.
Enter The Sphere is not a heavyweight space empire game in the likes of Eve Online or Star Atlas. The space elements are kept light and accessible on purpose, with emphasis of fun gameplay over hardcore sci-fi 4X simulation.