Enter The Sphere (ETS) whitepaper is still being worked on, and current iteration is subject to changes. ETS has not undergone an official token generation event (TGE). We will be doing TGE on NEAR Protocol.
Enter The Sphere is a Sci-Fi fantasy game metaverse set in the distant future.
In this distant future, the universe's most powerful and exotic energy source (ORB) is found on a planet known to all as "The Sphere".
The galaxy swirling ORBS in The Sphere harnesses a form of unknown reaction. The only substance capable of powering The Prime Species Meta-Fold Drives. Allowing their starships to rip open portals and travel to other parallel universes.
The 3 Prime Species are the superpower factions in the multi-verse. They consist of The Kingdom of Frog, The Athenian Federation and the Libeteriani Consensus.
Together they vie for ORB, the lifeblood to their technological superiority.
Protected by an impenetrable energy barrier. Anyone can enter The Sphere, but once the treasures of The Sphere are found. Entrants can only escape one way out by climbing The Tower, where they battle to the death at the top in The Throne Room.
You will be a citizen of one of the 3 Prime Species, where you forge your destiny and claim your stake in the unexplored multi-verse.
The metaverse introduces a one of kind gaming experience through a fusion of traditional gameplay and blockchain mechanics.
Blockchain Mechanics
Core Game Mechanics
  • Blockchain based in-game currencies: ORB & SPHERE.
  • Fully decentralized, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) permissionless ownership.
  • Advanced Gaming Living NFTs on NEAR Protocol. Generation 2 NFTs.
  • Expedition revenues based on territorial and meta- fold point controls.
  • Uses next generation blockchain technology like Polygon, allowing high throughput of moving NFTs for low fees and integration with game NFT marketplaces of the future.
  • Defi innovations will be directly integrated into the game.
  • In-Game rewards by playing the game and out of game rewards by staking.
  • NFTs can be melted or merged with other NFTs to create new ones.
  • NFT Marketplace themed for a RPG metaverse.
  • On-chain governance model, with DAOs providing players with political control over the metaverse and its future direction
  • Asset destruction in certain activities creating deflationary economics.
  • Inter-Connected games all around the same universe.
  • Focus on immersive and engaging gameplay mixed with P2E mechanics, so P2E mechanics are not the only reason for engagement.
  • Collectible Card Game with JRPG mechanics.
  • Create your own AVATAR and customize them further with NFTs.
  • A multi-verse, where your AVATAR and Metaship can travel to other partnering universes and explore their planets and lore.
  • A true metaverse where your NFTs can be used across the multi-verse.
  • Progressive Web App with true cross-play. Play on any device whether mobile, tablet or computer.
  • RPG player progress. Level up your AVATAR, gain new abilities, specialisms and skills and more.
  • Control planet, lands and cities across the multi-verse.
  • Player vs player gameplay.
  • Player vs non-player gameplay.
  • Hatch Soul Guardians (Pets) and use them to enhance your AVATAR.