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Tower Ascension

What is Tower Ascension

Tower Ascension is a M-Game experience that is the culmination of the entire Enter The Sphere (ETS) Foundation phase. It is the most technologically and ambitious piece of the entire ETS experience. Tower Ascension requires the foundation of all other Sphere modules to be in a good state.
In ETS lore, this is the part where players scale the super structure The Tower, try to get to the top and fight in a final Throne Room battle to exit The Sphere and claim the prize that cycle.
It is also a core part of the Sphere lore, as the entire Sphere universe revolves around The Sphere, where the exotic fuel ORB is found.

The Tower & Throne Room

A wasteland of a once advanced magical technological civilization. The Tower, exists as the only functioning structure in The Sphere, and the only way out. Spanning 8km tall and piercing The Sphere (Illium-3)'s protective barrier. It is the only way out for Spherians, and the only way to get ORB out of The Sphere.
At the highest point of The Tower lies the Throne Room. Entrants will fight each other in a final battle to sit on the throne.
Every cycle there is only one winner who ascends the Tower and takes the throne to exit the Sphere via a space elevator back into real space.
Final Battle in the Throne Room (Concept Art)

What will the Gameplay be like?

A chamber inside The Tower (Concept Art), players will be able to move their AVATARs through The Tower room by room.
In Tower Mode, up to 100 players participate in a climb up the tower, encountering different rooms and fighting other players and creatures, until only 2 players remain who compete in the Throne Room in a final battle.
It will be like Slay The Spire, but a multiplayer experience. Combat elements are resolved via a upgraded version of DuelZ (our card game) that will include ability for players to form teams of 3 and to have encounters with monsters and treasure rooms.
The victor sits on The Throne, a space elevator that jettisons out of The Sphere with a prize of tokens (ORB and NFTs) and any items he or she collected during the Tower Climb. The winner will be announced across all social media every cycle! They will be public events with many play to earn incentives.