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Multi-Verse (Expeditions)

What makes Enter The Sphere (ETS) a true Metaverse and not just a buzz word is the vision of connecting with other game worlds, the lore of ETS is kept intact by a backstory that makes sense with a multi-verse environment.
On top of this, our Metaverse Council ensures that the games we partner with makes sense with gameplay and lore challenges that get brought about with NFT interoperability between two game universes.
Expeditions is very early in the concept phase, so changes to gameplay are expected as it develops.


Expeditions will be ETS's first Inter-Universe Game. It is a game that places emphasis on idle commands, returning rewards and results of each missions after a certain travel time (depending on individual Metaship and AVATAR capabilities of player).
In Expeditions, players will be able to go on our idle journeys and mine for NFTS and Tokens from other universes using their AVATARS piloting Metaships.
When exploring worlds in Prime Universe or Partner Universes, players are able to visit worlds and encounter events, which may yield them treasures in the form of loot, if they visit a planet with unaquired land they may take the land if they have the right tools onboard their Metaship.

ETS Prime Universe

The Enter The Sphere Prime Universe, is where the main universe in the Enter the Sphere world, all partner universes connect back to it.
The Prime Universe revolves around The Sphere (Illium-3), and is dominated by the 3 Prime Races of the ETS universe, but there are other factions laying dormant, waiting to be discovered...
There are planets, and each planet have a random allocated amount of land, and ETS loot and rewards can be gained from expeditions to the prime universe.
In the beginning the land and planets will have minimal use, other than increasing the loot found on planets already claimed by you, in the future the planets will be divided into factions and clans over a interstellar map. This will likely be via the addition of more Inter-Universe games unrelated to Expeditions.

Partner Universes

Partner universes are other blockchain games (on compatible blockchains), that are added via partnership via the Metaverse council. They are partner games that have agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership, in which a certain amount of NFTs and tokens are exchanges with each other, as in-game rewards to each participating game universe.
Each partner universe will decide on their own native token, their own supply of planets, and land on each planet.
This opens some very interesting opportunities! For example, a ETS player can "mine" a exotic creature from a fantasy world, and use it in Enter The Sphere.