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Inter-Connected Game Types

Enter The Sphere (ETS) is split into multiple game types, to cater for a vast variety of playstyles and time-commitment preferences.


M-Games stand for Major-Games. They are the flagship game products of ETS. They target serious gamers who want to be competitive, hone their skills and come out on top. Our core combat module DuelZ, and Tower Ascension are examples of M-Games.
DuelZ Pre-Alpha


S-Games stand for Sub-Games. These are games that are designed to smaller and fast paced. Relying on a low level of commitment from players, but fun all at the same time, perfect for casual players. Pets, TAP! TAP! Battle, and Hunting Grounds are examples of S-Games.
Hunting Grounds

Inter-Universe Games

Our first Inter-Universe game will be Expeditions, these games cross borders in the multi-verse and allow you to bring your AVATAR and Metaship to other partnering NFT games to explore them and find treasures. The lore remains coherent by governance of the Vision Protectorate.

Third Party Games

These are partner games who have chosen to integrate with the Sphere or they have been designed to build entirely new games rooted in Sphere Lore and NFTs.
Balance is controlled by the Metaverse Council via voting and polling mechanisms. In the early phases of the Sphere balance will be tightly controlled by core devs, but as the DAO matures, more and more of these issues will be moved to stakeholder votes.