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Combat Module (DuelZ)

A standalone M-Game. DuelZ doubles as the core combat module for resolving fights between AVATARs, teams of AVATARs against each other, and AVATARs against NPCs.
At the heart of Enter The Sphere lies a collectible card fighting game infused with JRPG combat elements. The core game is a perfect balance of chance and strategy. Think FTL merged with Slay the Spire, and competitive.
DuelZ PVP Match Between Two Players (Work in Progress)
DuelZ is different to other card games in the sense that the mechanics resembles a Final Fantasy like battle system modern gamers know and love from JRPGs, with direct spells, targetting systems, running buffs and the like. Various quirks such as simultaneous reveal, declining timer, and hidden health creteas frantic and fast-paced gameplay. This balance makes it accessible to more casual players, but players who learn the game and collect powerful NFTs will have a decent but not absolute edge. Player build their own decks, and augmented with their AVATAR stats, they stake ORB tokens and challenge each other or bots to win prizes.
DuelZ is also the core combat module of Tower Ascension. Mechanics are used in TAP! TAP! Battle, and it can be triggered from within Hunting Grounds.
As a progressive web app, DuelZ which is built on babylon.js can run seamlessly cross-play across phone, tablet and desktop.