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BattleHub (Social Matchmaking)

BattleHub is the nerve center of the entire Enter The Sphere Play and Earn experience.
BattleHub Dashboard (Pre-Alpha)
This is where players can stake ORB, earn ORB and Sphere NFTs.
To access the blockchain part of the game, players must stake their AVATARs, and as they play the game, their living NFTs will level up and gain new abilities and yields.
As a social hub, it is where they can meet other players in the community, see the leaderboards, and partake in events and get achievement rewards.
They can engage in PVP against other similiar ranking players, or play against a plenthora of PVE challenges to win ORB and Lootboxes. It is also possible for them to lose ORB if they overestimate their skills.
The more players invest time, the more they can earn, and the better they perform the higher chance of getting rare lootboxes.
BattleHub seamlessly networks players across different platforms from phones to tablets to desktops. Games are matched not only just in BattleHub, but also wired through Enter The Sphere's unique Telegram & Discord Bots that faciliate and report Sphere games.
BattleHub works with ORB and NFTs across multi-chains. NFTs and ORB tokens are loaded directly from player's Web3 wallets.