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3 Prime Races

Each species has their unique attributes, strengths and weaknesses, and each player has to choose which faction they want to be part of, as they will be competing with the other factions across the multi-verse.
A unique aspect of the Enter The Sphere universe is we have 3 competing mega empires that travel across different universe to pursue their different agendas.
The Three Prime Species of The Sphere Universe are the current 3 most powerful factions in the metaverse, they know the location of The Sphere and compete each other to obtain ORB. Currently, they are the only known 3 races that can power and travel in Metaships. A type of special type of ship that by using ORB as fuel, can travel to other universes.
The 3 species are The Kingdom of Frog, Athenian Federation and Liberteriani Consensus. They all have their own backstory of how they became a major force in the multi-verse.
The 3 Prime Species To Play