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Vision Protectorate

What is the DAO for?

The Vision Protectorate is part of Sphere’s DAO governance. It is a community run system, with input from various stakeholder to ensure the vision, visuals and lore of the Sphere Universe remains consistent, beautiful and believable.
It is important in our opinion for a game universe to create a believable coherent world of lore that makes sense, so that the experience is not akin to jumping from Legoland to Call of Duty.
The Vision Protectorate highest responsibility is to make the game world believable across many completely different game lore, and to prevent the lore becoming non-sensical.

Early Structure

The founders will be the core team at the start with selected creative advisors as the earliest participants. It will gradually consist of early investors, SPHERE owners and other relevant stakeholders. SPHERE token holders will eventually replace the core team as the administration of the protocol in the INFINITY phase.

DAO Objectives

  • Consistent Game Lore.
  • Consistent Visual Style.
  • Fanart.
  • Vetting acceptance of community created lore into Sphere canon lore.
  • Removing or editing content that is not coherent with the ETS universe storyline.