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Metaverse Council

What is the DAO for?

The Metaverse Council is part of Sphere’s DAO governance. It is a community run system, with input from various stakeholders to votes on which new game partners to add in the multi-verse, as well as vote on inter-universe NFT items game balance, as well as other metaverse gameplay issues.
SPHERE Token holders are able to send proposals and vote concerning specific current or future game mechanics. The intention is to eventually put treasury assets spending to the vote of SPHERE Token owners.

Early Structure

The founders will be the core team at the start with strategic partnership members as the earliest participants. It will gradually consist of early investors, SPHERE owners and other relevant stakeholders. SPHERE token holders will eventually replace the core team as the administration of the protocol in the INFINITY phase.

DAO Objectives

  • Vet Strategic Partnership and Initial Metaverse Offering Deals.
  • Select game developers to build games for ETS.
  • Conviction voting mechanism to debate NFT balance issues between partnering universes.
  • Seek out Metaverse Partnerships.